CWNE #255 -A journey not to forget

I started my CWNE journey in 2013 when I first passed my CWNA exam. It indeed took a long time before I ticked all the boxes and started writing my blogs and complete all my assignments in 2017.

It is always motivating when you get to know a CWNE and talk to them about their journey. Thats when you start dreaming about it and work towards it. For me, it was also motivating to talk to CWNE’s about this process and have another fellow CWNE aspirant exchange information and progress during this journey.

You can learn about the pre-requisites and learn what it takes to become a CWNE here.

Initially, it looks like a mammoth task to have this experience, pass all the exams (CWNA, CWAP, CWSP and CWDP), achieve non CWNP certifications in networking or security and write the white papers/blogs etc etc. However, if you are already working on networks then you might have already ticked off a few boxes.

Like most of the consultants/engineers, I too always used to be very busy working  multiple projects and never had time to finish all these requirements. We should always prioritise what we need and make time for these additional achievements.

When I started writing my projects to meet these requirements, I couldn’t finalise the topics as I had quite a few to pick from. When I finalised my 3 projects/topics, it become easier to jolt it down.

Trust me, it all happened during the busiest time of work. So don’t start thinking just go for it and you will be able to complete the Jigsaw puzzle.

it is also important to build a network with the fellow wireless engineers so that you can get the endorsements for CWNE. You need 3 endorsements for this application and It is recommended to have at least one endorsement from a CWNE.

After I submitted my application on 18th of August 2017, it almost took 2 months to receive the confirmation as it was a very busy period for the Wi-Fi community with multiple conferences.

I received my confirmation on Nov 14th 2017,  I was delighted to see CWNE #255 (11111111) as I was hoping for this number.

If you need any information on this preparation, I am happy to give you my 3 cents and guide you through this journey.

CWNE 255


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